Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilt Show Set up

The past two days the quilters of Pieceful Hearts have been working hard to get the gym at North Augusta Activities Center ready for their quilt show. All the quilts have been turned in and several areas are already to view. Judges quilts have been staged for the judge to work on today (which will be a very difficult job since there are some really stunning quilts in that group!) Nonjudged quilts were hung last night as well as the two challenges: Breast Cancer Awareness Bra Challenge and the Orphan Block recycle Challenge. The creativeness of the this group never ceases to amaze me...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Registration forms are in!

During our September meeting last Saturday member of the guild handed in their registration forms for the the quilt show and as hoped it was quite a stack!

One of the strengths of this guild is the variety of techniques - everything from heavily embellished "postcards" to historic reproduction quilts will be on display at the Activities center show. A quick look at the registration forms and this show will be playing to our guild's strength and should have something for everyone!

If you are visiting the area there are some other activities that weekend you may be interested in seeing. At the new North Augusta Heritage Center the guild will be displaying about 20 bed-size quilts. Admission is $3. and includes a dislplay by the local fine art guild.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Six months and counting

Pieceful Hearts Quiltshow, "Quilting across the ages" is only six months away! May sound like a long time to some of you but in Quilting-years that is almost tomorrow.

So this is the time to get serious. The categories have been decided upon so the registration forms can be printed up and distributed at the May meeting. In the past we have had over 200 items. It would be nice to do more than that this time!
The challenge has also been selected. A few months ago a box of vintage blocks were donated to the guild. What a great jumping off point for an "across the ages" challenge. The blocks were washed, pressed and put into unmarked bags. You see none of the blocks are alike so we didn't want there to be any advantage to those who selected first or worse a "Filenes basement wedding dress sale free for all!" The Dresdan plate block above is a sample of the quilt blocks available.

The directions are simple - using the block in the bag as a starting point or inspiration make a quilt or quilted item less than 24 inches across. Pretty simple aye?!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pieceful Hearts Quilters 2009 Show

Pieceful Hearts Quilters will hold their 2009 show on October 16th and 17th at the North Augusta Activities Center, 100 Riverview Park Drive, North Augusta, SC 29841.

Pieceful Hearts Quit Guild has about 70 members whose work represents a wide range of styles and techniques. On display will be everything from traditional bed quilts to heavily embellished wall hangings (and everything in between!) If one technique catches your eye check out the demonstrations program and you may have the chance to see just how it is done.

There will be many vendors on hand with quilting and sewing related items. If making it yourself isn't in your plans then make your way over to the members table where handmade items will be sold or the silent auction table. Tickets will be available for the Civil War Sampler Donation quilt. All proceeds benefit Camp Rainbow - this is a camp for children with severe illnesses.

As planning for this event continues we will be posting more information. If you have questions email us or leave a comment!